Sunday, September 18, 2011

Canada Immigration for Filipinos

Skilled and professional Filipino workers dream of migrating to Canada, a country that is abundant with opportunities and prosperity. While it may not be easy for ordinary Filipinos to fly to Canada and become permanent residents, there are certain types of professions that are highly in demand in Canada and Filipinos can ride on the opportunity.

Skilled workers - welders, technicians, and other blue collar workers - are highly in demand in Canada and the country offers permanent residency for those who will qualify after evaluation. Nurses, caregivers, teachers, and engineers are also highly needed in Canada and thus those who are in those professions will find it easy to go to Canada and become permanent residents.

Canada immigration for Filipinos is not new. There are already thousands of Filipinos who have considered Canada as home. What's more interesting is that the Canadian government allows qualified workers to bring along their families once they get their permanent residency. And once you become a resident of Canada, it will be easier for you to go to the US and Europe even without a visa.

If you are a highschool graduate, a college student, or a working professional who want to migrate to Canada, visit the country's official website and look at the various professions that are needed in Canada so you can align your course or take a course that will make you qualified for migration.

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