Friday, October 7, 2011

Social Worker - Edmonton, Canada Jobs

Type of Assignment: Full-time, contract
Length of Assignment: Until March 31, 2014, with possibility of extension

Description of Project or Company/Organization:
Through our Health Service Support Contract with the Department of National Defence, Calian’s professionals work in partnership with military teams providing primary healthcare care to today’s Canadian Forces. Calian’s healthcare teams consist of more than 500 professionals providing services coast-to-coast at over 30 locations in Canada.

Industrial Engineering Specialist - Winnepeg, Canada Jobs

Carte International Inc. is a highly successful Winnipeg-based company that manufactures liquid filled transformers for Electrical Utilities, Electrical Distributors, and large Industrial customers across North America. Carte specializes in non-standard and custom transformers tailored to its customers’ exact needs. Founded in 1973, Carte is ISO 9001 registered and its products are of the highest quality. The Company is proud of its excellent work environment and the resulting workmanship that goes into all its products. Carte provides competitive salary, benefits, development and career opportunities.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Software Developer - Ontario - Canada Jobs

An Ontario-based company is in need of Software Developer to join its team. You must have experience with:

  • Core, Java, J2EE fundamentals
  • Spring Core, IOC, Aspects
  • Core Java, J2EE fundamentals
  • Spring Core, IOC, Aspects

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Canada Immigration for Filipinos

Skilled and professional Filipino workers dream of migrating to Canada, a country that is abundant with opportunities and prosperity. While it may not be easy for ordinary Filipinos to fly to Canada and become permanent residents, there are certain types of professions that are highly in demand in Canada and Filipinos can ride on the opportunity.

Skilled workers - welders, technicians, and other blue collar workers - are highly in demand in Canada and the country offers permanent residency for those who will qualify after evaluation. Nurses, caregivers, teachers, and engineers are also highly needed in Canada and thus those who are in those professions will find it easy to go to Canada and become permanent residents.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Engineering Jobs in Canada

Engineering Jobs in Canada are varied depending on the engineering fields and the companies that are looking to hire engineers. Industrial engineers, agricultural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and the like are in demand in Canada because the country has not been producing enough engineers to fill up the vacancies in various industries.

It is however not easy to get an engineering job in Canada if you are a foreigner. You have to prove your experience and expertise through certificates and licenses and work experiences. You will also be asked to take the Canadian engineering certification examination to test if your engineering knowledge is similar to the engineering knowledge of a Canadian engineer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aaron's Inc. to open 1,000 jobs in US, Canada

Atlanta-based electronics, appliances and furniture rentals retailer Aaron's Inc. announced its plans to add 1,000 retail jobs in the United States and canada this year.

Durings its national managers meeting in Orlando, Florida, Aaron's said it has already added 50 employees so far this year and is on target to hire 500 more based on current store opening plans.